Sunday, October 31, 2010


Hi Friends! 

Welcome to the Water to Wine Project Blog. 

We are finishing up some last minute preparations for the trip to Tanzania and will be flying out tomorrow morning at 6:30. 

Be sure to check back for updates (videos, photos, and other posts) throughout the trip (whenever we get internet access!)

Thanks for your support and please keep us in your prayers!

Before we leave, we wanted to share a few pictures from the site of the the first well! As you can see, the current "well" is very shallow, uncovered, and to say that the water is very dirty would be an understatement. 
It is so crazy to me that these are the actual people who will be drinking from this new well! 


  1. The gift of clean water is life to those who do not have it! So proud of you and Dad!

  2. This isn't rocket science. 80% of disease is water-borne. Diarrhea is the number one killer of children in the developing world.

    Think about it. Your dog drinks cleaner water out of your toilet than those kids get from that contaminated well.

    Can that quarter you gave at a W2WP restaurant really make a difference?

    Keep checking back to watch lives transformed one quarter at a time!